Creating a great business card

Since expanding our service offering to include business card printing we’ve been flooded with all kinds of designs and so have come to realise that despite its small size, a business card is quite a handy marketing tool and one that should not be overlooked in today’s world of “everything digital”.

Your business card is and always will be an extension of your brand, it is your company's calling card and creates the first impression of your business. It should be accurate, effective and clever. Plenty of times we have come across poor designs that prove how important it is to think things through before settling on a final format.

Form follows function

In highly saturated industries a well-designed business card enables you to stand out and say the most about you and your business. Despite it’s small size, a business card can contain all the necessary information required to initiate first contact from a prospective client.

As the saying goes, keep it simple. Present your information clearly and without clutter, we suggest including only integral information such as your full name, job title, contact numbers and most importantly your website address. 

With the advent of social media it’s always clever to add your most important links to your business cards but don’t include every single profile as this could result in a string of unnecessary icons, add only those that would provide your reader with up to date information.

If your budget allows you should definitely make use of boths sides of the card, it’s not integral but it enables you to create more impact since you now have an entire extra area to utilize. Here you can place emphasis on your logo and slogan, or even add images that relates to your industry but use both sides wisely since you are paying extra for it. 
Good design principles

Your business card need not be boring, dull or old fashioned just try to stick to a few clever design principles and you can create an impressive and effective layout 

  • Do include your logo as the main branding element, it can be large or small but try to keep it the focus of the overall design
  • Don’t splash out on too many colours, your two principal corporate colours should do the trick
  • Keep to one or two main fonts and keep all copy legible, nothing smaller than 7pts
  • Always design in CMYK unless you are working exclusively with spot colours. Whenever you work with print 
    design, stick to the print colour model, this means thatyou design with the four ink colours namely cyan, magenta, yellow and black instead of with the display model of RGB. This process will ensure that you get the most accurate colours representation
  • Do make sure you include at least 5mm of bleed space around the entire card. The standard size of a business card is 90mm x 50mm. Any colours or design elements that ‘run’ off the page enters into the bleed area,  in other words, the bleed is the area to be trimmed off
  • Do avoid using a straightforward border around the entire card, as any misalignment in the trim will be visible if the card isn't perfectly cut. A thin border around your card will most likely end in disappointment, meaning that becuase pritning is not an exact science, it cannot be assured that your border will be even all round
Finish it off with high quality printing

Now that you have a great looking, well-designed business card, it’s time to consider the last hurdle involved in the process. There are few things worse than a poorly printed business card. We cannot stress enough the importance of using only the best paper stock available and this does not need to break the bank. For the best end result we always suggest Lithographic printing on 400gsm paper stock, it really ensures that you end up with a crisp, clean and accurately printed product. Lucky for you we have four fantastic printing packages to suit every budget, take a look, we’re sure you’ll find one that suits you.

Now spread the word

And there you have it, a few tips to get you more excited about this perfectly proficient marketing tool. What better way to sell your services than presenting and distributing a great looking business card!

Need any help with design or printing? Our clever in-house designers would love to assist,
feel free to take a look at our packages here or drop us an email with your requirements

Take care,

Mone Esterhuysen
Senior Designer