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Choosing a platform is a big decision. Make sure the platform can handle your current needs as well as future ones.

When choosing a platform to base the commerce part of your brand, you need to realize how deeply that choice will affect your business. Judging a platform’s appropriateness for your company involves thinking beyond where your business currently stands to anticipate future abilities and feature that your shop may one day need.

Having a platform that can deliver on the tasks you’ve currently identified is a must for launching your new site. But finding one that can be there for you when something unexpected arises is a must for building a successful company.

The platform absolutely must be able to handle your current needs. Look for a fully featured platform.

First and foremost, you need a platform that can adequately handle the challenges you face today. When you list out the things your shop needs to be able to do, the platform you choose has to be able to make that happen. Period. If it doesn't then it’s unlikely you’ll be happy with it even on day one of your new site.

Choosing a platform that has a proven track record and exhaustive feature set will help you make your site do everything it needs to.

The platform should also handle other tasks that you don’t currently need. The amount of features a platform has that you can potentially use in the future will determine how flexible of a platform it is for you.

After you’ve established that a platform can do the things that you currently need it to do, you need to look at the other things it can do. Looking at how much the platform can do beyond what you currently need is a great way to judge how flexible the platform is and how flexible your business will be able to be on it. If you choose to open a physical retail store, is that something you can easily do? If you want to use a third part fulfillment service, is that possible? Etc.

You need to be able to adapt to changes in the way your shop and business operate and having a flexible ecommerce platform will help you succeed.

The platform should always be improving and looking for new ways to help you succeed.

Finally, you want to make sure that the platform you choose is going to get better over time. That the people running it are able and willing to create new features and abilities that may be necessary over time. If a platform doesn't make improvements over time, then your shop and your business will be held back in time. While others are taking advantage of exciting social selling features or integrating with compelling new business services, you’ll be left with yesterday’s technology and fighting an unfair battle.

Shopify is a complete solution for building a commerce business. Shopify is a combination of management tools, industry-leading hosting, powerful apps, and a thriving developer community. Shopify is a very solid technological foundation on which you can build a successful business.

Shopify combines robust management tools, industry-leading hosting, powerful apps, and a thriving developer community into a fully-featured and flexible platform.

Shopify is both the site where your customers will shop and the site you will go to manage your store. The public site will provide all of the pages and features that you expect in a modern e-commerce site. The admin site gives you a protected area to merchandise your site, manage customer orders & payment, control product inventory, and so much more.

Shopify is a very solid technological foundation on which you can build a successful business.

The platform you choose will determine how great you can make your customer experience. Shopify provides industry-leading customer facing features.

We know that your number one goal is to create an exceptional experience for your customers. Having robust tools for you to use are useless if you don’t have a shop that compels potential customers to buy your product.

Part of Shopify’s robust offering is a collection of features your customers are going to really appreciate. Whether it’s flexible checkout options or individual customer accounts, Shopify lets your customers pay exactly how they want. Cutting-edge technology, rock solid hosting, and fast load times make sure your site is up and running whenever customers are ready to shop!

Shopify enables you to create a completely unique shop and customer experience. Nearly every part of your shop is able to be tailored exactly as you wish.

Unlike most other commerce platforms, Shopify lets you create a shop that is exactly what you want. While Shopify has a rich selection of available themes, Shopify really shines when you are creating an entirely custom store. Shopify enables designers and developers the tools to create any shopping experience that you can image.

Shopify makes it easy to offer customer accounts. Customer accounts help customers by saving shipping & billing information and order histories.

Shopify easily integrates advanced customer accounts for your customers to access billing/shipping info, order statuses, past orders, and more. You have the flexibility to force everyone to create an account, let people choose, or have no accounts at all. It’s totally up to you and you can change at any time.

Shopify lets you sell on social media, where your customers are. More integrations are in the works. Convenient for existing customers, and a great opportunity to reach new audiences.

Shopify also allows you to reach customers where they spend a lot of time — on social media. Using Shopify's buy buttons, people can make purchases from you directly from Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. Shopify is adding new "buy button" integrations all the time to make sure that you can sell wherever customers want to shop. This is a great convenience factor for your existing customers, but also a massive opportunity to access new audiences.

Shopify offers a large number of other customer-facing features.

Other customer-facing Shopify features include a robust payment processing network, the ability to issue and renew gift cards, commerce specific search optimization, rock solid hosting, fast page loads, and much more.

The platform you choose will be a system you and your team use every single day to run your business. Shopify’s admin section provides an easy-to-use site that lets you control your entire shop. Shopify has worked tirelessly to make the experience of operating a shop just as enjoyable as the experience you give your customers.

In addition to the large assortment of customer-facing features, Shopify offers a world-class admin experience to help you manage your business. Shopify streamlines everything from operational tasks like inventory management and shipping calculations, to sales actions like generating discount codes and managing customer engagement. 

Shopify has an excellent product management system that lets you easily organize and classify your products. This system supports product variants which enable you to have multiple options for each product. (i.e. Red Shirt (small), Red Shirt (large), Black Shirt (small), Black Shirt (large), etc.)

With features like product vendors, tags, collections, and more, Shopify’s admin area helps you better organize and classify your products. These features also make it easier for your customers to find exactly what they are looking for.

Shopify also has a full-featured product variant system that allows you to offer multiple styles, sizes, colors, etc. of any product you sell. They even let you set product photos for each of these variants to help with sales and fulfillment.

Shopify has built-in inventory management and syncing. This will let you easily know how much product you have on-hand and ensure customers don’t buy product that isn’t available.

With multiple products and variants, you’ll want to have a firm grasp on the available inventory on each and every product you sell. Shopify’s built-in inventory management will keep track of inventory levels and make sure you do not over sell any unavailable products. These inventories sync between different sales channels as well which makes selling online and in person a breeze.

Shopify also has powerful shop and site analytics. These can help you make smarter business decisions.

In addition to providing tools to manage your business, Shopify also features analytics and reports that can help you track trends in your sales and shop traffic. You can use these data to plan future products, better time marketing endeavors, and identify which sites and services are generating the most sales for you.

Shopify has a large number of other features for you and your team.

Shopify has a slew of other admin features that will make you and your team’s life much easier. Detailed customer profiles, discount code and coupon generation, and auto calculating shipping costs are just a few of the hundreds of features that you’ll be able to use every day with Shopify.

And if you ever find that you’d like a little extra help with a feature, they have a large staff of Shopify Gurus ready to answer any of your questions.

With Shopify, you can easy sell both online and in-person.

One of Shopify’s most compelling features is how easily you can sell both online and in person. If you have an online Shopify store and wish to sell in person, all you have to do is use the Shopify app and card reader. When you log into the app, you’ll see all of your products, inventory, and customers. You’ll be able to quickly and easily sell items exactly how you want to.

You’ll be able to maintain a shared product offering and inventory between your online and in-person sales.

The Shopify Point of Sale app functions as a register for you to handle all sorts of in-person transactions. Use the Shopify credit card reader to process cards using the same great rates offered via Shopify online shops. You can also pair the app with a cash drawer and/or recipes printer for a full point of sale solution that works seamlessly with your online store.

Shopify offers many other features for shop that sell online and in-person and is actively adding more.

Features like inventory syncing, customer accounts, and built-in payment processing make Shopify an amazing in-person sales solution.

One of Shopify’s most compelling features is the extensive app network that developers have created with Shopify. This network includes a large number of Shopify apps that can effortlessly be used for your shop.

In addition to the numerous features that come built in, Shopify has a robust developer community that is constantly creating new applications that extend the platform’s functionality.

There are hundreds of third-party services which provide Shopify apps that make integrating their services very convenient for you. Shopify’s huge selection of apps covers pretty much every part of the process of operating a retail business.

Integrations like these make it effortless to add world-class services into your shop. There are numerous third-party apps added to the Shopify ecosystem every month, each one further expanding your business’ possibilities. There are more than 1,000 apps to choose from in the Shopify App Store.

Pretty much every part of the process of operating a retail business is covered by the large selection of Shopify apps. There are apps dedicated to a wide range of business activities like helping you sell more product and better promoting your brand, to apps that help you manage your payroll and calculate your taxes.

In addition to the hundreds of existing apps, Shopify’s extensibility features make it easy for developers to create tools that are specific to your needs.

While there are more than a thousand Shopify apps created by third-party developers, sometimes you need something that just doesn’t exist yet. Luckily, Shopify allows developers to create apps that are just for you. Using Shopify’s extensive APIs and huge developer community, shops can leverage nearly every part of the Shopify platform to build an app that exactly meets their needs.

Developers can use Shopify’s API to manage anything from products and collections to pages and blog posts. This level of access makes it possible to control your entire shop programatically.

All of your shop’s content and data are accessible via Shopify’s API. From products and collections to pages and blog posts, anything in your shop can be created, edited, and enhanced using these tools.

Using this extensibility, developers can create custom-built Shopify apps that expertly fit their needs. This access allows you to build tailored solutions when your business runs into unique challenges.

The sheer size and power of what Shopify exposes via their API allows developers to create apps that add any functionality you need to better run your business. Wether it’s a small task or a big task, creating a custom Shopify app is an effective way of getting exactly what you want. 

Shopify is an incredibly forward-looking platform. With Shopify, it’s like you’re getting a development team of hundreds that are there to make your shop as good as it can possibly be.

Finally, Shopify is always looking for ways to make its platform better. They look for ways to make the customer experience more enjoyable as well as working to improve the admin process. They introduce industry-leading features and open entirely new sales channels for their merchants. They make every Shopify site respond more quickly and update them to comply with new web standards.

When you choose to use Shopify, it’s like you’re getting a development team of hundreds that are there to make your shop as good as it can possibly be. 

Shopify is an industry leader in the technology that powers commerce both online and in-person. Shopify has led various advancements that have been adopted by the industry at large. Shopify is constantly introducing new features that vastly improve the shopping and admin experience.

From huge initiatives like their Liquid open-source templating language, to small updates like universal responsive checkout pages, Shopify is constantly creating and refining the technology powering your shop. In addition to adding large-scale feature they envision, they also listen to customers and introduce requested features like variant product images and multiple language support. 

Shopify’s merchant research and product development will provide your shop with cutting-edge tools and features. They are constantly talking with and learning from existing Shopify merchants to better understand the technology they can develop to help businesses succeed.

Taking that idea one step forward, Shopify is constantly interacting with current and potential customers to find every way that they can better serve their merchants. Shopify talks directly with hundreds of shops every year to dive into their businesses and learn where they can provide value. They look at how they can build better services and how they can share those findings with the larger Shopify community. With initiatives like their world-leading ecommerce blog and in-person events like their international Retail Tour, Shopify invests heavily in educating merchants. 

Hundreds of thousands of businesses like yours confidently run their shops with Shopify. Each with their own challenges and areas of expertise, these shops create unique experiences while benefiting from the massive resources they share by using Shopify. Together, our partner expertise and Shopify’s powerful platform will be able to create a successful shop that helps you succeed.

There are more than 170,000 shops currently powering their stores with Shopify. In every category, you’ll find shops of all sizes using Shopify to create exceptional businesses. Each business has their own challenges and each merchant puts Shopify’s feature set to use in their own special way. A fashion shop might rely on a specific feature as the backbone of their business, while another shop has yet to add that very feature to their retail strategy. At the end of the day, all of these shops have found that Shopify is powerful enough that their needs are easily met, and that they are constantly using Shopify’s features to succeed and grow.

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