New Albert Frost Shopify Store Launched

Sep 10 2016
New Albert Frost Shopify Store Screenshot Home

Albert Frost is a familiar and respected feature of the South African blues-rock music scene. For the past two decades, the energetic performances of this accomplished guitarist have dazzled audiences as he deftly alternates between rhythm and lead, while showcasing acoustic and electric guitars.

Valve House Music Shopify Store Launched

Jan 10 2016
Valve House Music Shopify Store Screenshot

As part of our ongoing technical support contract with VH Music and Publishing (Pty) Ltd we launched our first Shopify store for their Valve House Music label. They recently decided to expand their services to this new online music store with the motto ‘Giving the music back to the musicians’.

They stock all the physical copies and back catalogues of some of South Africa’s most legendary artists and bands. By using the personalised power of social media, the shop’s main goal is to service and inform the loyal CD and vinyl collector with detailed information and history about the specific album, band or artist as well as making sure the customer receives the physical album within 3-5 working days, right to their doorstep!