Logi Web Presence

Any company that wants to succeed in today’s highly competitive business climate, must have a basic web presence where people can see who you are, what you do and how to get in contact with you. Logi is a product designed to provide individuals or businesses with an instant web presence that is user-friendly and easy to manage. It is perfect for newbies and startups, product launches, marketing campaigns and company profile sites.

Content Management

  • We create your basic 5 pages eg. Home, Products, Services, About and Contact
  • Create additional pages yourself
  • Add content whenever you like
  • Add as many pages as you want (limited to your 5GB quota)
  • Upload pictures to make your content more attractive
  • No need to pay hourly fees to make changes to your website (you can request us to create additional pages for a fee)
  • Revision control - save all previous versions of your pages


  • Add a slideshow to your home page for more visual impact
  • Create multiple slideshows for different pages
  • Draw attention to new content
  • Promote important events, promotions or specials

Contact Form

  • Easily update your contact details
  • Send all your leads to multiple emails
  • All leads are stored on the website and can be exported as a spreadsheet


  • No need for a separate mobile site
  • Optimised to display correctly on desktop and mobile devices

Visitor Statistics

  • Track all visits to all pages on your website via Google Analytics
  • View demographics, interests, location and behaviour of all your visitors

Daily Backups

  • Daily backups are stored remotely so you will never lose any data

Sign up for a year and get 1 month FREE. Hosting fee of R100p/m and R10p/m per mailbox

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