Apollo Social Site

The way in which we communicate has changed significantly. In this information age it is important to create and own your content and be able to distribute it via all the major social media platforms without being totally dependant on their success and popularity. Apollo is a product designed to provide individuals or businesses with a tool to rapidly publish content on a regular basis. It is most suitable for marketing and PR, bloggers and anyone who wishes to keep their clients or followers updated and informed.

Content Management

  • We create your basic 10 pages eg. Home, Products, Services, About & Contact
  • Create additional pages yourself
  • Add content whenever you like
  • Add as many pages as you want (limited to your 5GB quota)
  • Upload pictures to make your content more attractive
  • No need to pay hourly fees to make changes to your website (you can request us to create additional pages for a fee)
  • Revision control - save all previous versions of your pages

Blog / News

  • Create and edit posts
  • Link post with a photo gallery
  • Share your knowledge, opinions, and expertise relevant to your industry
  • Recent Blogs block
  • Tag/Categorise your posts
  • Upload an image to each post

Photo Gallery

  • Create image albums
  • Upload photos
  • Display albums on specific pages


  • Add a slideshow to your home page for more visual impact
  • Create multiple slideshows for different pages
  • Draw attention to new content
  • Promote important events, promotions or specials

Contact Form

  • Easily update your contact details
  • Send all your leads to multiple emails
  • All leads are stored on the website and can be exported as a spreadsheet

Social Links

  • Add links to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ profiles and many more
  • Includes Icons for most Social Media Platforms


  • No need for a separate mobile site
  • Optimised to display correctly on desktop and mobile devices

Visitor Statistics

  • Track all visits to all pages on your website via Google Analytics
  • View demographics, interests, location and behaviour of all your visitors

Daily Backups

  • Daily backups are stored remotely so you will never lose any data

Sign up for a year and get 1 month FREE. Hosting fee of R100p/m and R10p/m per mailbox

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